Yellow Sapphire Fine

Benefits of wearing Yellow sapphire

  • Wearing a yellow sapphire can beget good fortune and wealth.
  • Wearing a yellow sapphire helps in better clarity, focus and therefore better decision making ability.
  • Wearing yellow sapphire can help in overcoming the delay in marriage and finding a suitable match.
  • Wearing yellow sapphire can keep an individual upbeat and hopeful.
  • yellow sapphire is a beneficial stone for individuals with Pisces ascendant or Sagittarius ascendant.
  • Wearing yellow sapphire can bring great progress in academics, Spiritual counselors, healers, priests.
  • Yellow Sapphire can help a lot as a healing stone in case of stomach ailments, weak digestive system, and jaundice.
  • Yellow sapphire derives quick wealth for its wearer.
  • Yellow Sapphire brings luck and fortune in the life of its wearer.

Yellow Sapphire Fine 12+ 7.25ct

Starting at Rs60,702.00

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Yellow Sapphire Fine 10+ 6.4ct

Starting at Rs48,281.75

SKU: 11258189
Yellow Sapphire Fine 10+ 6.4ct

Starting at Rs48,281.75

SKU: 11259344
Yellow Sapphire Fine 12+ 7.5ct

Starting at Rs62,812.50

SKU: 11230772
Yellow Sapphire Fine 13+ 7.9ct

Starting at Rs72,764.25

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Yellow Sapphire Fine 13+ 8ct

Starting at Rs73,648.25

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Yellow Sapphire Fine 15+ 9.3ct

Starting at Rs101,137.50

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Yellow Sapphire Fine 16+ 9.6ct

Starting at Rs112,400.00

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