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Buy natural Hessonite (Garnet) stone online in India from certified gemstone supplier. Gomed Stone Price. Price of Gomed is influenced by many factors including size and weight, overall clarity, color, origin, and treatment meted out to the stone. Original Gomed Also known as Hessonite Garnet is a giver of stress-free life.It cures skin diseases, gives knowledge and intelligence. It promotes good education, and ensures improvement in the profession.The natives business would flourish.

3 Carat Hessonite / 4 Carat Hessonite / 5 Carat Hessonite / 6 Carat Hessonite / 7 Carat Hessonite

Hessonite Fine Grade / Hessonite Premium Grade

Hessonite Gemstone Fine 3+ 1.85ct

Starting at Rs1,001.00

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Hessonite Gemstone Fine 3+ 1.9ct

Starting at Rs1,029.00

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