Yellow Sapphire Stone

Things You Must Know About Precious Gemstone

Gemstones are beyond any doubt one of the most powerful devices used for remedies in Astrology. Their use can be validated with the help of ancient histories which clearly indicates that gemstone was widely being used in ancient times. Kings, queens and emperors used

precious gemstones

Health Benefits of Natural Gemstones

Gemstones the word delves us into the world of imagination about the best uses of these stones. Often people estimate that the best use of these compelling gemstones is for jewelry items due to their appealing and attractive color properties.
However, in reality, the

Cat's eye Gemstone

Amazing Health Benefits Of Cat’s Eye Lehsunia Stone

One of the most brilliant and beautiful gemstones in nature is Cat’s Eye, and equally amazing are its health benefits. Popularly known as Lehsuniya stone, this lustrous gemstone belongs to the Chrysoberyl family and bears an uncanny resemblance with the eyes of a cat, thus