Established in 2003 Venus Enterprises started off with an offline venture of colored gems into the physical market later on seeing the high demand in the domestic and international market. Venus started their online operations under the brand name of has the pleasure to provide quality astrological gemstones to India and International market. Being a wholesale supplier's Venus Enterprises has physically more than 2000 gemstone dealers at B2B Level in India. You can check some of our dealer network in the store locator in different locations in India. is very grateful for the long-standing relationships built in these long years, including many of the world's finest jewelry stores, designers, artists, suppliers, resellers, and astrologers. is the only website for gems showcasing real-time inventory with over a 15000+ unique real-time gemstones listed on our online store at 9Gem for you to choose from. All gemstones are natural and certified by high authority labs only. Gemstones are Non-Heated and Non Treated and best to use for astrology purpose.



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Yellow Sapphire 

Yellow Sapphire has become a favorite in jewelry because it is available in so many color nuances, ranging from a light lemon yellow to a fully saturated vivid yellow to a deep orangey-yellow. Yellow sapphire also has a special place in Vedic astrology, where pukhraj is one of the 9 sacred gems. You can buy yellow sapphire gemstone online at the best price from our store.

Blue Sapphire

The Blue Sapphire is a gem of the corundum family. It is a smooth, transparent shining stone in blue having a tremendous power to attract. Blue Sapphire is known in Sanskrit as Neelam. Indraneel, Nelashma, Neelaratna, neelamani, Shaniratna and Shanipriya are the common Indian names. 

Emerald Stone

Emerald Gemstone is the bluish green to a green variety of beryl, a mineral species that includes aquamarine. Emerald is the perfect choice as the birthstone for the month of May. It’s also the gem of the twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries. We are providing gems from Brazil, Colombia, and Zambia. 

Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Gemstone is the most valuable variety of the corundum mineral species, which also includes sapphire. Rubies can command the highest per-carat price of any colored stone. This makes ruby one of the most important gems in the colored stone market. In its purest form, the mineral corundum is colorless. 

Coral stone

Unlike most other gemstones which are of mineral origin, Coral Gemstone is organic, formed by living organisms. It forms from branching, antler-like structures created from coral polyps in tropical and subtropical ocean waters. We bring Italian corals to our customers.

Chrysoberyl Cats Eye

The Chrysoberyl cats eye gemstone (Lehsunia Stone) is a brilliant looking gemstone which surpasses other cat eye stone on the front of quality. The Chrysoberyl cat eye gemstone is praised due to its mesmerizing color and angelic appearance. 

Pearl Gemstone

Pearl gemstone is a naturally occurring gemstone which is discovered from the deep sea water. The angelic appearance of the pearl gemstone attracts each pair of eyes toward it. Moreover, women of all around the world allure to adopt the fascinating pearl gemstone. 

Hessonite Gemstone

Hessonite Gemstone is a variety of Grossular Garnet that is rich in iron and manganese. Hessonite originates from calcium aluminum silicate and it is usually found in Honey colored with a yellow-orange color.