How To Wear Red Coral Stone (Moonga Ratna)?


How to wear red coral stone

People born on Tuesday or under the zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio considered to be quite providential because of their benevolent association with the planet Mars. As per astrology, the coercive planet Mars has the capability to significantly impact the lives of all human beings favorably or unfavorably as per its existence in their horoscope or birth chart.

Mars signifies passion, diligence, anger, wisdom, several health benefits, and intellect. It eminently affects the lives of all living individuals. Fortunately, if Mars exists at favorable houses will usher plethora of health benefits as well as prosperity and self-development for its wearer. Contrary to this, if this planet exists at contrary houses will ensure the occurrence of severe events in a person’s life.

The serious Manglik dosh and mangal dosha causes due to the presence of the planet Mars in problematic houses of your birth chart. However, to avert ill-effects caused due to the planet Mars. One should wear red coral stone. Red coral stone is believed by the astrologer to possess all the mystical powers of the Planet Mars within it. And, it uses these divine powers to ward off against the negative energies created by the Mars.

Although, many of us are oblivious that how to wear red coral stone. It is prevalent to spot people with confusions such as what is the best day to wear red coral stone? In which finger red coral stone will suit the most? What is the appropriate time of wearing red coral stone? In which metal red coral stone should be embedded? These are common questions related to this auspicious stone. Though, in this post, we have answered all the prominent questions commonly asked by the gem wearers.


Step On How To Wear Coral Gemstone

  • Before wearing this stone, one must be aware of the fact that he/she should only enroll themselves to obtain the benefits offered by this planet; if he/she purchases the natural or high-quality red coral stone.
  • Because wearing fake or synthetic red coral stone will instead of bringing any positive results bestow negative results in your life.
  • Therefore, always buy high-quality red coral stone (Moonga) from a reputed gem dealer.
  • After purchasing a high-quality stone, consult an astrologer to find out which day will be perfect for you to adopt this stone. Ideally, Tuesday morning is considered to be the best day to don this stone.
  • The perfect time to wear moonga stone or coral stone is Tuesday morning during the Shukla Paksha.
  • The red coral ring should be fixed in either copper or gold for securing most noticeable results. The weight of the ring should be in between 2 carats to four carats.
  • On Tuesday morning one should sit in a red color cloth facing the east direction. Wash the red coral ring or moonga ring with either sacred Ganga Jal for five minutes or immerse it in the un-boiled milk for a night before wearing the stone.
  • Before wearing this stone one should burn five incense and round it around the stone chanting the following mantra.
  • Aum Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Aum” or “Om Sri Sarvanabhavaaya Namah
    And thereafter, one should don the red coral ring in the ring finger of the right hand.

2 thoughts on “How To Wear Red Coral Stone (Moonga Ratna)?

    • admin says:

      1. Take a cup full of milk and put the gemstone inside it. If the color of the milk has changed towards red, then it is an authentic Red Coral. The Red Corals have a tendency to radiate their color and is absorbed by the milk, hence the slight red color.

      2. Take the gemstone and start rubbing or clicking with fingernail. If the gem makes a glass sound, then it is a fake.

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