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Does Astrology And Hand Palmistry Help You To Peek Into Your Future?

Astrology and palmistry had always fascinated the human being. It is in the human tendency to be curious about their future. They want to know everything in advance about their upcoming life. However, it is impossible for a human being to be aware about his/her future because god has not given us ability to peek at our future.… Read More »

Astrology And Gemstone Recommendation – 9GEM

Astrology studies the life of a native in relation with the placement of astrological planets in his horoscope. Whatever happens in the life of an individual is influenced by these planets, which play a dominant role therein. While negative planetary positions may bring a baneful influence for the native, astrology recommends a number of ways to rectify them,… Read More »

Why Rings Are Preferred To Wear Gemstone For Best Astrology Benefits

Being an insider of gem industry, I have heard this question many times from people that how does gemstone actually works and why it is being considered more important to embed gemstones in the ring rather than any other form of jewelry such as pendants, necklace or bracelet? According to me, the main reason why people run after… Read More »

How Gemstone Effects The Life Of An Individual

During the birth of an ascendant the planet which is most debilitated or weak or influenced by the vengeful planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mars creates altogether dreadful results on the body parts of an ascendant as per the corresponding planet associated with the specific body parts. Moreover, when malicious planets operate in their major period, then… Read More »

Role Of Gemstones in Astrology

Gemstones are normally good looking cut and polished pieces of minerals normally used as ornamental pieces because of its luster and visual worth. Another feature of gemstones is that being natural they are rare. Because of all the reason natural genuine gemstones are available at a comparatively premium price and used by a few people. Not for decorative or ornamental purpose only, gemstones… Read More »