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Do The Prices Of Gemstones Really Make Any Sense To You? If, Not Then Read This Post

Gemstones are alluring and mesmerizing due to these attributes of gemstones it is being sold at higher prices. A precious blue sapphire or ruby gemstone convincingly costs you $200 or $500; on the other hand, amethyst that was once considered as precious stone is nowadays Read More

Natural Yellow Sapphire

Ultimate Place To Buy Precious & Semi Precious Gemstone

There is a plethora of gemstones and minerals found across the globe. Some of them are considered to be high quality gemstones and others are being placed in the category of moderate or low quality gemstones. The quality of a gemstone is based upon the Read More

emerald gemstone

How To Identify Fake Or Synthetic Emerald Gemstone Seller

People who have an affection with gemstones, often worries about the authenticity of the gem stones they purchase. And, this fear or worry increases, many folds if a person is going to purchase precious stones alike emerald gemstone, blue sapphire, rubies and yellow sapphire, etc. Read More

Pearl Gemstone

Reason Why South Sea Pearls Are So Rare And Expensive

South sea pearls (moti stones) are white colored exceptional appearing white color or silver color pearl gemstones. These are considered as the rare and unique kind of pearl stones, one will find in jewelry. The south sea pearls are usually larger than the average pearl Read More

Onyx Gemstone

How Onyx Gemstone Is Helpful For Healing And Meditation

Onyx is a unique gemstone. It is a variety of chalcedony which can be found in different colors such as white, blue, green and black. Having unusual appearance, this stone is not popularly being used for making jewelries. However, the distinct stone possesses brilliant metaphysical Read More

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Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire Engagement Rings For Men

Engagement rings have been the symbol of true love and partnership for thousand years. This special occasion ring has been worn in the third finger of the right hand from where “vein of love” directly flow to the heart since ancient times. Generally, it is Read More

Amethyst Gemstone

Healing Properties Of Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst is a dominant stone and it is regarded as the best gift for 6th marriage anniversary. The purple color amethyst stone is a semi precious stone. The mesmerizing purple color and distinct shine of this stone make it one of the best choices to Read More

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Difference Between Wedding Ring And Engagement Rings

Often times a simple but pertinent question that what is the difference between engagement ring and wedding ring puts many sharp and highly intellectual minds in a fix. The dilemma situation surfaces because in the real world these two words seem to have used interchangeably Read More


Emerald Stone – The Perfect Stone For Finding True Love In Your Life!

Emerald stone is a visionary stone which has a solid celestial connection with the planet of love and wisdom Mercury. Mercury being the vital planet above us persist abilities to affect our lives in a significant manner be it personal or professional front. By the Read More

Blue Sapphire gemstone

Blue Sapphire – Curing Mind And Mental Disorders

Blue sapphire nourishes the mind and uncloud the negative thinking of a user’s mind. The effective blue color stone penetrates down the fabric of mind and clear out the negative thinking, emotional garbage from the user’s mind. This stone disintegrates the mental harmony in head and Read More