How To Wear Red Coral Stone (Moonga Ratna)?

People born on Tuesday or under the zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio considered to be quite providential because of their benevolent association with the planet Mars. As per astrology, the coercive planet Mars has the capability to significantly impact the lives of all human beings favorably or unfavorably as per its existence in their horoscope or birth chart.… Read More »

Does Gemstones Work? Yes, They Do With 90% Of Cases: To Know How Check The Post:

Do gemstone works? This is a pertinent question which intrigues everyone interested in gemstones. Operating in the field of minerals and gems for a decade, we have often received this query from most of the gem buyers. So, our answer is both yes and no; gemstones do work if they are being worn adhering all the rules and… Read More »

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Step By Step Procedure Of Wearing Ruby Gemstone (Manik)

Ruby Gemstone (Manik in Hindi) is related to the planet Sun which is contemplated to be the monarch of all the planets available in the solar system. As per astrologers intriguing red color ruby gemstone is attached to the planet Sun. And it consumes all the divine forces offered by the planet Sun and use these powers to… Read More »

Precious Gemstone Collection @

The quality of a gemstone is based upon the several components such as color, cut, grading and origin of the mineral or gemstone in common word. The gemstones are found from the mines, rivers and forests around the world. A gemstone or mineral that possesses the brilliant color, cut, rare inclusions and largely used for making ornaments is… Read More »

Step By Step Guide To Wear Emerald Stone (Panna)

Emerald gemstone is one of the most auspicious stones available on the earth. The angelic green color and brilliant gleam of this stone has drawn people’s attention toward it ever since its occurrence. Zambia, Colombia and Brazil are the nations where the emerald stone is found in abundance quantity. Emerald stone carries metaphysical properties with it. It is… Read More »

How To Wear Blue Sapphire Gemstone (Neelam)

Blue sapphire gemstone or Neelam stone belongs to the most productive planet Saturn. Saturn is recognized to be a crucial planet that creates a huge impact in the lives of all living creatures, especially in the lives of human being. The dominant planet has potential to make both positive and negative effects on its wearer life. And precious blue… Read More »

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Do The Prices Of Gemstones Really Make Any Sense To You? If, Not Then Read This Post

Gemstones are alluring and mesmerizing due to these attributes of gemstones it is being sold at higher prices. A precious blue sapphire or ruby gemstone convincingly costs you $200 or $500; on the other hand, amethyst that was once considered as precious stone is nowadays being sold at $ 30 dollar per carat. Although; gemstones are beautiful, but… Read More »

Ultimate Place To Buy Precious & Semi Precious Gemstone

There is a plethora of gemstones and minerals found across the globe. Some of them are considered to be high quality gemstones and others are being placed in the category of moderate or low quality gemstones. The quality of a gemstone is based upon the several components such as color, cut, grading and origin of the mineral or… Read More »